The best way to prepare for a competition as diverse and technical as the World Mining Competition is to practice, practice, practice. Several resources are available to delegates beforehand that will assist in preparing you for the competition: including past cases, the official rulebook, scorecards - and most importantly, the Delegate Handbook. The Handbook is given to delegates prior to the competition (usually updated in the fall) and contains every inch of detail about the weekend of the competition. We (the OC) heavily recommend that prospective teams and delegates thoroughly read through this to fully understand how GREAT their weekend can and will be at the 6th annual World Mining Competition!

Prospectus 2017

The Prospectus will provide you the scope of World Mining Competition. There are information on delegate and team fees, along with a tentative timeline of the competition. CLICK TO REVIEW!

Delegate Handbook 2017

The Handbook provides you with every detail you need for the competition weekend! CLICK TO REVIEW!

Rulebook 2017

The Rulebook outlines the regulations and instructions that delegates must follow throughout the competition! CLICK TO REVIEW!