Tickets fort the World Mining Competition, Awards Gala are now on sale!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 4th Annual World Mining Competition. This year we are breaking new ground! Previously known as the National Mining Competition we have decided to change our name to reflect the worldly presence of the educational institutions that attend our event and the sponsors that support our event. Each year’s competition challenges teams to solve a mining strategy case relevant to the worldwide issues of the modern mining industry.

The competition which was previously known as the National Mining Competition (NMC) is in its fourth year of existence. Even though we are operating under a new name, The World Mining Competition, to highlight our world presence at the competition, we are still the same high quality multidisciplinary competition for geology, engineering and business students.

Mining is a major reason why the beautiful province of Saskatchewan is able to flourish in any economic condition. This competition challenges the delegates to provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on a case which focuses on current business and technical issues facing the mining industry today.

The competition was created to encourage students to participate in the mining sector, illuminate various career options in the industry, and introduce practical multidisciplinary teamwork skills. This competition gives student delegates a great opportunity to learn about the strategic challenges of the mining industry in a fun and interesting way.

This year, The World Mining Competition will showcase some of the best venues Saskatoon and the Edwards School of Business have to offer while challenging teams with a unique mining strategy case. The World Mining Competition theme for this year’s competition is “Adapting to Uncertainty; Striving for Sustainability”. This theme is vital within the mining industry and is reflective of the values that all mining professionals strive to embody. The World Mining Competition aims to help students further their mining knowledge, refine their career goals, build professional networks and develop the mining industry professionals of tomorrow. We hope to see you at this year’s competition.



Founded in 2012, the World Mining Competition is Saskatchewan and Canada’s first undergraduate mining case competition. Teams are challenged to solve an innovative mining strategy case relevant to business issues facing firms within the global mining sector. This year’s competition is recruiting undergraduate students from the faculties of business, geology, engineering, and others, to team up and compete at this this unparalleled mining-industry event.