The World Mining Competition

The 5th Annual World Mining Competition
October 27 – 30, 2016 | Saskatoon, SK

“Canada’s First Undergraduate Mining Strategy Case Competition.” —¬†

Last year, the World Mining Competition hosted 72 delegates from 11 schools across 4 countries. Team’s competed in the most high-level and multi-disciplinary case in the competition’s history. Business & Economics, Geology & Earth Sciences, and Engineering students worked together to solve the case, and come up with what they believed to be the best solution. These teams demonstrated their ability to cross-collaborate, communicate, and simulate the problems of a fictitious company within the global mining industry. Last year’s theme “Adapting to Uncertainty. Striving for¬†Sustainability” challenged teams to create sustainable innovation-based recommendations, while realizing the struggle of adapting to the uncertain climate of the mining industry.

In 2016, the upcoming competition will feature the theme “Diversity in Balance“. We hope to encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and respect for diverse thinking. We believe that diverse thinking yields the most effective and lasting solutions. The challenges that will be faced by the mining industry in the future will be global and they should be solved by a global team. WMC creates an environment that facilitates this relevant and robust approach to problem solving. The 2016 World Mining Competition dates are set: October 27 – 30, 2016, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Awards Gala Tickets

Presented by K+S Potash Canada - The Awards Gala is the final event of the competition and brings industry professionals, the local business community, and students together to share in the success of the competing teams while providing networking opportunities and the chance to listen to many distinguished speakers. Cocktails begin at 5:00 pm; the program will start at 6:00 pm with dinner to follow.

some pages are still being updates with 2016 info — however, WMC 2016 registration is 100% working! please contact us with any questions, thank you!

The World Mining Competition

The Academic Case

The World Mining Competition has for years produced one of the most academically challenging cases, focused on current issues in the global mining industry. Business, Geology, and Engineering students work in teams of 4 to solve the case within 48 hours, followed by preliminary and final presentations. The Organizing Committee is working to bring you the new 2016 competition theme!

Networking Opportunities

Over the weekend, delegates are given ample opportunities to network with some of the most prestigious companies in the mining industry. Several past delegates have made careers out of competing in the World Mining Competition, and are continuing to earn from their success. With the opening ceremonies, challenges, a sponsor reception, and the awards gala, delegates are given ample time to connect with industry professionals!

Saskatchewan’s Mining Industry

Since the World Mining Competition’s inauguration, the competition has been hosted in one of the world’s healthiest and fastest growing mining economies, Saskatchewan. Currently, Saskatchewan is ranked the best mining jurisdiction in Canada, and second best in the world. Home to several of the world’s largest potash and uranium producing organizations, Saskatchewan’s industry expertise has contributed greatly to the success and development of The World Mining Competition.

International Presence

Last year, the former National Mining Competition, was renamed to be the World Mining Competition. This name encompasses not only the presence of the delegates, but also the importance of international collaboration and global governance within the current mining economy. Schools from Canada, The United States, India, Germany, and The United Kingdom have competed multiple times in the World Mining Competition. The Organizing Committee is always looking to grow this roster!

WMC In 2015:
Competing Teams



The competition outline, tentative information on the competition.


This document goes over the scope of the World Mining Competition. Information on delegate fees and a tentative timeline are provided in the prospectus. The case is briefly discussed in terms of its structure and focus. The 2016 prospectus is now available



Schedules, Locations, Past Schools, Case Information, Events, Hotel and Sponsors.

Delegate Handbook

The delegate handbook provides every detail on the 2016 World Mining Competition. A full breakdown of the case structure, itinerary, and venues / hotel / locations are provided in the handbook. This is an excellent summary of the competition.

2016 Handbook


Rulebook, Scorecards, Past Cases, and FAQs.


A variety of resources for anyone to view regarding the academic and travel aspects of the World Mining Competition. Past cases include everything from summaries, graphs, tables, financial statements, etc.

The 2015 case is also now available.


— Canada’s First Undergraduate Mining Strategy Case Competition —